Public Relations

Vectis is built on decades of deep relationships. We can pick up the phone and get people you care about to answer our calls. We know the power players. At the same time, we don’t make counterproductive demands like other PR firms that don’t understand the news business, because we’ve been in newsrooms as reporters and editors.

We know who reporters want to deal with, and it’s not well-meaning PR associates with boilerplate experience or worse, aggressive flacks who try to intimidate them. And Vectis has tangible results that demonstrate the value of what we offer (click here for case studies).

At Vectis, our award-winning team members give us the abilities to handle the wide range of public relations challenges, from actively promoting an issue to managing the fallout from a crisis. That includes everything from placing an op-ed from a senior executive in a national publication to influence the national conversation —and potentially getting important people to rethink policies. It also means positioning our clients as respected experts who are quoted in stories that are read or watched globally. And Vectis is a boutique firm void of multiple layers of management, so our senior leaders will be working with you. That means the personal connections we have will benefit you directly and you won’t be handed off to junior level staff.



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