David and his team at Vectis Strategies are brilliant strategists. From them, I have learned so much about the importance of strategy. I have come to regard it as one of the most important components of anything I am involved with. David’s visionary skills and capacity are extraordinary and have led to more success in a much shorter time frame than I could have ever imagined.
Melanie Lundquist Activist Philanthropist, Co-Founder, Partnership for Los Angeles Schools
I trust their judgment. David and his team are strategic and creative—and lean into a problem to find a solution.
Virginia Grebbien Then Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Parsons Corporation (NYSE:PSN)
Vectis takes a shrewd, measured and strategic approach to every opportunity or challenge. I've worked with many public policy firms. I am genuinely proud of my affiliation with Vectis and the work they do for AltaSea. As a firm, they have a never give up attitude and as people, they are a pleasure to work with.
Terry Tamminen CEO of Alta Sea & Former CalEPA Secretary
Vectis Strategies is among the very best. They are a true powerhouse. I would want them in my corner.
Alan Rothenberg CEO, 1st Century Bank
I highly value Vectis due to their continuing success on our behalf, their integrity and honesty in their representation of our businesses and their committed energy to our missions. And of course, David Herbst—a good friend and trusted advisor for decades.
Joseph A. Czyzyk Chairman & CEO, Mercury Air Group, Inc.
I find myself saying this often: Vectis rules. Through their deep expertise, creative problem-solving, and dedication to making a difference, Vectis knows how to make a vision a reality. 
Jenny Krusoe Founding Executive Director, AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles
Whether it’s having my Homies meet President Obama or helping us navigate local government. Homeboy counts on Vectis. They are good people that do outstanding work.
Fr. Greg Boyle Founder, Homeboy Industries
I’ve known David Herbst for decades, ever since he worked for me on Playa Vista when it was on the drawing board. He has built a team of people at Vectis that are thoughtful and candid in their advice. They know how to deliver results and they are valued partners to me and to our firm’s CEO Christopher Rising.
Nelson C. Rising (†) Chairman, Rising Realty Partners